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Every water and sewer connection in the Mason Creek Utility District is served with the same level of superior and quality service as the next. Each year the district provides its Water Quality Report as required by the state of Texas. This annual report provides members of the district a complete analysis of the water provided by the district. The analysis was made by using the data from the most recent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required tests. Our drinking water meets or exceeds all federal (EPA) drinking water requirements. We hope this information helps you become more knowledgeable about what’s in your drinking water.

2022 Water Quality Report


This page will provide information on requesting a secondary irrigation meter, what to do in the event of a water leak and how to regularly test your meter.

Mason Creek offers to all its customers, a second water meter for irrigation, filling your pool, hand watering, washing your car or any other usage that does not discharge to the sanitary sewer system. This second water meter has no minimum monthly charge and you pay no sewer fees for the water you have used. The installation cost of the second meter (standard 5/8 meter) is the current cost of the meter to the District. If you would like an application just call the district office or email us at service@mcud.com.

Water leak?
All water meters used in the District are equipped with leak indicators. Call our office if you would like to learn how to use them and we’ll be glad to explain to you how the indicator works.

In the event of a broken water line inside your home…
Mason Creek can send someone out to your home and turn the water off at no charge, although this might take time and you should first try to turn the water off yourself. Most homes in the Mason Creek district have a control valve on the main water line where it enters the home. This valve looks like a standard outdoor garden hose valve and will turn off the water to the entire home when closed.

As a last resort, locate the main control valve in your water meter box. It is generally in your front yard or in some cases with your neighbors meter in the adjacent yard. This control valve can be turned off with a standard water key. If you do not have a water key, your local hardware store generally stocks them for retail.

Occasional testing of the valve is recommended to ensure it works properly. Just turn the valve off, and open a faucet inside the home, and the water should stop running after a few seconds. If it does not stop, it would be wise to replace the valve before the need to use it occurs.

Filling a pool?
You can save yourself the sewer charge on water you use to fill the pool (water accounts that have sewer charges). Residents are allowed ONE pool fill credit per year. For instructions on how to receive the sewer credit, please contact the District office at 281-578-7272 prior to filling or refilling your pool.