District Services

Storm Water Inlet Marking

Mason Creek U.D. has recently committed to helping to increase the awareness of storm water drainage pollution in our community. To do this we have enrolled in a Harris County program called Storm Water Inlet Marking (SWIM).

The SWIM Program is an environmental public education program aimed at raising awareness of the storm water quality issues in Harris County communities, connecting residents to their neighborhood storm drains and local waterways, while encouraging them to protect their water resources.

Storm drain markers bearing the Clean Water Clear Choice logo and a message stating “No Dumping, Flows to Galveston Bay” will be placed on storm water inlets in the Nottingham Country (Mason Creek U.D.) neighborhood by community residents and volunteers.

The message on the markers will remind citizens not to dump pollutants into storm drains or contribute more pollutants to ordinary storm water runoff by littering, over fertilizing or sweeping yard debris into the street.

If you or someone you know is aware of a volunteer group such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or church team that would be interested in participating in the effort to place and install these logos on the storm drains please contact or office. There are 350 storm drain inlets in our community so there is plenty of volunteer work to go around.

Thanks for playing an active role in keeping our community clean and litter free.