District Projects

District Projects

Galleon Oaks Water Plant

In 2017 the district replaced the old generator unit that furnishes power to operate the water plant in the event of a long term power outage. The new Kohler 1,000 KW diesel generator is large enough to operate the water plant fully. The old unit that was removed and had served the district since the water plant was constructed in 1983. The new Kohler unit is much larger, quieter and more fuel efficient than the old unit.

Houghton Water Plant

The district will be replacing the existing generator in 2017 with a new, larger more fuel efficient generator to power the water plant in the event of long term power outages. The existing unit was placed into service in 1986. Its replacement is the result of numerous upgrades completed for the two water wells at the site. The existing 750 KW generator unit will be replaced with a 1,500 KW generator unit which will more than satisfy the power requirement of this water plant while also allowing room for future increases in demand.

Underground Infrastructure

Several sections of our community were built roughly 40-years ago and many of the underground sanitary sewer lines are beginning to fail and require replacement. The district has invested in the equipment necessary to inspect and repair these lines as needed. Some of the oldest pipe has deteriorated beyond the point of repair and will be replaced using a “burst in place” method. This will prevent the sewer lines from having to be dug-up and exposed to replace the pipe, resulting in a cleaner installation and preventing extensive damage to lawns and landscape.

Mason Creek Community Center

In recent years we have replaced tennis court lights individually as they failed. Considering the age and frequency of problems with the traditional bulb style lights, we have begun a project to replace everything with the newest LED fixture technology. The new LED fixtures are brighter, more efficient to operate and require less maintenance. We expect all fixtures will be replaced by the end of 2017.

New Commercial Development

The large vacant tract of land on the western most boundary of the district along Westgreen Boulevard, home to the former golf driving range and then paint ball complex, has been purchased by an investor with plans to develop it as commercial real-estate. This investor has funded the construction of a new sanitary lift station and related water supply lines. Construction for the utilities is scheduled to begin early this summer. Construction of the commercial buildings is expected to begin this summer also.