District Projects

District Projects

Electronic Water Meters

Last year M.C.U.D. finished an ongoing project to replace all aging mechanical water meters within the district boundaries. These new electronic water meters have enabled the district to monitor and identify customer issues in real time. This gives the district the ability to notify residents of potential problems as they arise. In addition, homeowners have access to a customer portal that will allow the resident to track and monitor usage. For more information contact our office at 281-578-7272.

Underground Infrastructure

The underground infrastructure of M.C.U.D was installed in the 1970’s and is approaching the end of its usable lifespan. Some sections of the potable water system, as well as the sanitary sewer system are in need of rehabilitation or replacement. In a proactive measure, the Board of Directors for M.C.U.D has authorized a collaboration between M.C.U.D’s engineering firm and maintenance and operations department. The purpose is to thoroughly evaluate and inspect these systems on a section-by-section basis to determine problematic areas.

Dominion Water Plant

M.C.U.D. recently awarded a contract to re-coat the interior and exterior of a 620,000 gallon ground storage tank. In addition, the elevated tower will be removed from service so a complete top to bottom inspection may be performed. This routine maintenance allows the district to make necessary repairs to the structures as issues develop in order to avoid potential costly failures at a later time. These proactive measures are necessary to prolong the lifespan of these storage vessels as well as protect the integrity of the water supply.

Sanitary Sewer Pumping Stations

The district does not operate its own sanitary sewer treatment facility; rather M.C.U.D is partial owner of two regional treatment facilities. The district does own and operate three sanitary sewer pumping stations: Rennie Rd, Brondesbury and Westgreen. Currently, our Brondesbury pumping station is receiving a complete overhaul. New, more efficient pumps and electrical components are being installed. This will increase the stations pumping abilities while lowering overall operating costs.

Community Center

Many residents have voiced concerns regarding the removal of the large oak trees at the community center. This decision was not hastily made, but rather under the advisement of three separate qualified arborists. Though the trees looked green and healthy, they were in fact dead. Large limbs had begun falling onto the street and sidewalk, an obvious safety issue for passing motorists or pedestrians. The Board of Directors in conjunction with the district landscaper is exploring alternatives to replace the trees.

Last year, M.C.U.D. awarded a contract to replace the damaged pea gravel decking around the pools. The Board of Directors have worked closely with the concrete contractor to ensure the installation of a safe, quality product that will serve for years to come. This project is in the final stages and should be completed by mid year.

Earlier this year all the tennis courts were resurfaced and repainted. In addition, other planned upgrades include: replacement of faulty tennis court and security lighting, creature comfort upgrades to the restroom facilities and improved overall accessibility of the facility.