About Us

About Us

Service Area

Mason Creek Utility District serves nearly 2,300 residential homes and approximately 100 commercial and retail businesses. The district is bordered by Interstate 10 on its northern edge, portions of Fry Road and Houghton Road on its eastern border, Brondesbury on the southern border and portions of Westgreen on the west side of the district.

The homes in this district were developed by Kickerillo Company mostly in the 1970s and 1980s, so the age of the district offers residents mature trees. Despite its proximity to the city of Houston, the district is still considered an independent community.

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District Projects

Galleon Oaks Water Plant In 2017 the district rep

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Mason Creek Utility District has four water wells

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Board of Directors

Each of the directors of Mason Creek Utility District volunteers countless hours each month to ensure the smooth operation of our water district. The responsibilities are large and each is taken very seriously. The health and safety of the entire community is dependent on the quality of water and services provided to the residents of Mason Creek Utility District.

  • Len Forsyth – President
  • Brian C. Connolly – Vice President
  • James K. Nordhaus – Secretary
  • Frederick J. Castellano – Asst. Secretary / Treasurer
  • John H. Cameron – Director