MCUD Hike & Bike Trail

MCUD Hike & Bike Trail

In 2011 Mason Creek UD and the parks department of Harris County Precinct 3 joined forces to develop and install what is now the Mason Creek Hike & Bike trail system that runs along the banks of Mason Creek. This trail system connects with the Rick Rice Park to the north of Kingsland Boulevard along with access to I-10 and many commercial businesses in the area. Several pedestrian bridges were installed as part of the trail system providing access to the Metro Park n’ Ride located on Kingsland, multiple schools like Taylor High School and Pattison Elementary.

Further expansion of the trail system is currently in development to connect directly with the George Bush trail system to the East. Studies and plans for this extension have been underway for several years and it appears that we are now closing in on a construction phase in the next year or two, pending approvals from the COE and environmental assessments.

Plans are underway to expand the trail system even further West, past Mason Road. Funds have been allocated, right-of-ways acquired, and design is now underway to construct an underpass beneath Mason Road and extend the trail system for another mile or more.


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These trail systems provide joggers, hikers, walkers and cyclists a place to enjoy safe and healthy exercise while also providing kids a place to ride bikes and play without the worry of street traffic and other dangers. The benefits of these trails are plentiful, and Mason Creek UD is proud to partner with Harris County Precinct 3 to assist in developing these projects for the benefit of Nottingham Country Residents. It is our belief these projects provide increased opportunities for good health, recreation, and appeal for our community.

The Mason Creek Hike & Bike trail system is part of the Harris County Parks system and as such the trail enjoys these routine services:

– Trash pickup twice each week
– Weekly moving and landscape maintenance
– 10′ wide paved asphalt surfaces for primary trail path
– Parks department security enforcement
– Tree and landscape plantings including irrigation
– Perpetual maintenance of the trail system and it’s features
– Pet waste collection stations
– Pedestrian under crossings of major street intersections
– Water hydrants for pedestrians and pets