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Tennis Courts

The tennis court complex at the Mason Creek Community Center includes eight (8) professional grade courts complete with wind screens, restrooms, bleachers and an active group of men and women leagues. A program to resurface at least two courts each year ensures that court surfaces remain in top condition and provide the best playing surface.

Recent renovations include all new sidewalks, shaded buildings, sitting tables, new wind screens, new fencing in several areas plus a new irrigation system to provide adequate landscaping and much more.

Open access for Mason Creek Utility District residents with keys available at Mason Creek Utility District office for a refundable deposit of $25. Non-residents of Mason Creek can obtain access through a $500 annual user fee plus key deposit.

Rules and Schedule of Fees

Rules and fees for use of the community tennis courts are provided in appendix H of the district's current rate order.

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Adult Tennis Leagues

Men - contact Sam DeSantis at (281) 579-1313 [home]
Schedule of games TBA

Women - contact Sheri McGowan at (281) 492-8645
Schedule of games TBA

Letter to Tennis Keyholder